Let's give a superpower to your attendees.

Create a valuable virtual and in-person, networking experience for your attendees, at an affordable budget.

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Networking is a superpower and Everyone deserves it.

Matchmaking and Networking.

Rather than popping on everyone randomly, you can enable your attendees to decide with whom they want to connect. Help them from booking 1:1 meetings to connecting with like-minded people.

Maximum value for attendees

Let your attendees showcase their interests, works, projects, resumes, or portfolio to get maximum value from the event.

Branding and Promotions.

Run any branding and promotion activities within your app and also enable your sponsors to promote themself and enjoy retaining sponsors for your next event too.

Made for smaller events

We built this tool specifically for events with lesser than 1000 attendees. There are a lot of networking apps that focus on bigger teams. But we want to focus solely on smaller groups, communities, and teams.

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